Sports & culture trips
Sports & culture trips
Sports & culture trips
Sports & culture trips
Paris SG
Henrik Mølgaard and Mikkel Hansen
Mikkel Hansen
Friendly game in Barcelona
Friendly game in Budapest
Sports & culture trips
School visit in Hungary
School visit in Denmark
Watch FC Barcelona´s game
Sightseeing in Budapest
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Would you like to visit one of the European countries and get closer to the locals?

We have a special offer for high schools and university teams. 


We organize everything where you can experience the local culture by visiting a school or university, playing friendly games and off course sightseeing with a local guide.

Our package includes:  
         * Meet and greet at the airport
         * Airport transfer 
         * Accommodations 
         * Full board for athletes
         * Arranging school visit
         * Arranging friendly games
         * Sightseeing with a local guide       
         * Assistance during your stay

Experience this great city, it has everything ... the sunshine, beach, history, sports and fantastic food. Your school teams can train and play vs. local teams. We take you through the Spanish history by games in the city and off course not to forget the magic of FC Barcelona. You can visit the Camp Nou Museum and we can get tickets for you for any games - football, handball, basketball, and hockey. 

Sports: football, handball, badminton


Are you interested in, how was the life on the East side during the Cold War? 

We can show you the hidden places and tell you stories from that time. 

We can arrange a school visit and friendly games, where your students can experience the warm Hungarian hospitality and taste some local specialties

Sports: handball and football


Would you like to know, why the Danish people have been chosen as the

"The happiest people in the World" many years in a row? We will show you!

You can experience the local young people´s life in one of the Sports Academies where you will spend time with the students and teachers, play games and exchange ideas about the way of thinking and pedagogy. 

Sports: handball, football, badminton, spring gymnastic


Paris, the most romantic city in the world has much more to offer than just discover it´s beauty. The French Men´s Handball Team had been one of the best in the world in the past decade. If you are interested, to find out what is behind their success and what is the French handball about ... you found the right agency! 

Sport: handball

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